Our staff is a highly capable group consisting of sub-contracted wellsite geologists, drilling managers and mud loggers with an average wellsite experience of 20 years. Décollement is currently hiring experienced mud loggers, drilling managers and wellsite geologists for the following jobs:

Wellsite Geologist


Senior Wellsite Geologist

Operations Geologists

Mud Logger

Sample Catcher

Drilling Managers

Drilling Super Indendant


If you are interested in a job or career as a mud logger, geosteerer, drilling manager or wellsite geologist, please contact us.  Please apply directly to our human resources department on the specific opportunity you are interested in.


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    Mud Logger and Surface Data Engineer

    Our field geologists construct and maintain highly detailed mudlogs throughout the project with customizable data traces tailored to your unique specifications.

    Our Mudlogging services help you extract maximum value from the data obtained through mud logging and real-time surface monitoring of drilling mechanics and dynamics, hole-cleaning efficiency, fluid influx and loss, and a range of geological data.


    Décollement Consulting supplies a Project Coordinator with proven experience for each geosteering operator to maximize the pay potential, increase overall  efficiency, and save costs.

    Décollement Consulting is here to provide the best professional experience in horizontal drilling projects. Depending upon operator requirements, FGS can geonavigate utilizing various software suites such as Excel, SES, WellDirect, LatNav, as well as any operator specific programs etc.

    Wellsite Geologist

    Décollement Geological consultants do more than analyze the information found at boreholes. They also help companies to make informed decisions that are based on such findings.

    In doing this, they help companies manage the cost of land exploration, so that an exploration company can leave the task of analyzing borehole findings to those who can do the job in the most efficient manner.