ABOUT Decollement

Décollement Consulting is a Multi-state, Full Service Mud Logging Company that for over years assists in exploration and development of emerging geologic trends using new, leading edge technology at the well site.

We are privileged to work with many top oil & gas operators. Providing on time, state of the art logging, reports that are designed to help keep our client’s projects on time and profitable.

We have the expertise to offer 1 or 2-man programs to fit your needs, and are willing to adapt to operator requirements from job to job which include various, detailed sample collection, analysis and description, along with creative, informative logs.

Décollement Consulting is always on the cutting edge of technology, offering state of the art instruments, customized logging programs, continuity in our geological staff, and quality logging services.

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Decollement Consulting Provides a number of Geoscience services throughout the United States

Décollement Consulting mud logging services are designed to aid your geologists and engineers in the field to make timely and informed decisions regarding drilling operations.

Décollement Consultanting has extensive well operation experience and specific geological expertise for any well drilling project requirements. Wellsite geological services are provided in conjunction with our well operations project management consultancy.

Décollement Consulting is here to provide the best professional experience in horizontal drilling projects. Depending upon operator requirements, FGS can geonavigate utilizing various software suites such as Excel, SES, WellDirect, LatNav, as well as any operator specific programs etc.

Decollement also provides a number of onsite and offsite Geochemistry services.  X-Ray Fluorescence and X-Ray Defraction (XRF and XRD) are used to find concentrations of trace elements in drill cutting samples.  Also, Mass Spectrometry is used to determine the elemental/isotopic signature of samples.



Decollement Consulting LTD, Incorporated April 1979 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Decollement Consulting Inc. Incorporated in June 1980 Colorado “C” Corp


Decollement LTD, had completed over 5000 wells in all of the Canadian Oil Provinces


Decollement Consulting Inc. 1986 Logging wells in McKenzie and Mountrail Counties way before EOG’s so called discovery in Parshall Field of 2006.

  • McKenzie and Mountrail County mudlog 1986.
    McKenzie and Mountrail County mudlog 1986.

Decollement Inc. over 1000 vertical wells in the DJ Basin and noted potential New Field Discoveries in the Sussex, “D”, “J”, Dakota and Lyons.


Decollement Inc., New Field Discovery with Wolverine in 2004, Covenant Oil Filed Discovery in Utah’s Thrust Belt.


Geosteering and Remote Geosteering 90%
Wellsite Geology 60%
Mass Spectrometry 50%
Geochemistry 30%
Core Analysis 20%
Operations Geology 10%


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Decollement Consulting is always looking for the best people.  We pride ourselves on having the best talent in the industry.  If you have what is takes please take a minute to APPLY NOW on our career opportunities page.



Andrew S. Charbonneau

Vice President and Co-Owner

Andrew Charbonneau has his degree in communication from Colorado Christian University.  He has spent 10 years working for Decollement.  Andrew started Mud Logging and then went on to be Director of Sales and Marketing.  He is currently the Vice President of Decollement Consulting Inc.

John K. Williams

Vice President of Sales

John Williams has been in oil and gas and pharmaceutical sales for 31 years.  He got his degree in Finance and Bisiness Administration from Alabama University.  John was the Vice President of Sales at Columbine Logging prior to joining Decollement Consulting.  John, experienced leader in the pharmaceutical and the oil and gas industry with a record of managing people with diverse backgrounds and experience levels while concentrating on delivering results through effective coaching and counseling. He is driven to achieve results through innovation, energy, and support of team objectives in a variety of competitive environments while maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

Dan Charbonneau

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Charbonneau has worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for over 7 years.  He is responsible for daily operations of the company and assists in sales, marketing and business development. He communicates with clients and sub contract geologists. He also assists with hiring new sub contractors and aids in company growth and expansion to new regions of the continent.  Dan recieved his B.S. in Structural Architectural Engineering from the University of Wyoming.

Roger D. Charbonneau

President and CEO

Roger Charbonneau has been in the oil and gas industry for 40 years.  He started as a rough neck putting himself through school at the University of Wyoming.  Roger recieved his B.S. in Geology and went on to start Decollement Consulting LTD. in Galgary, Alberta.